Bleach Wiki:Character Template (Bount)
Race {{{race}}}
Gender {{{gender}}}
Professional Status
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Previous Affiliation {{{previous affiliation}}}
Partner {{{partner}}}
Previous Partner {{{previous partner}}}
Base of Operations {{{base of operations}}}
Personal Status
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Doll Name {{{doll name}}}
First Appearance
Anime {{{anime debut}}}
Japanese {{{japanese voice}}}
English {{{english voice}}}

Template Usage Edit

{{Bleach Wiki:Character Template (Bount)
| name =
| image = [[Image:CharacterName.png|200px]]
| race =
| gender =

| affiliation =
| previous affiliation =
| partner =
| previous partner =
| base of operations =

| relatives =

| doll name =

| anime debut =

| japanese voice =
| english voice =

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