High-Specs are Spiritually Aware Humans who have special powers stemming from the conversion of Reshi into usable forms by imbuing it with their Reiatsu. Fundamentally similar to the Quincy, High-Specs are not bound by any particular traditions and thus have a much greater variety of abilities and limitless potential. Initially a very rare occurence in Humans, recent incursions of Spirit beings have caused an influx in the Spiritually Aware most often manifesting in potential High-Specs.

Reishi ConversionEdit

Much like Quincy,  High-Specs get their power by mixing their Reiatsu with Reishi and converting it to a usable form for their techniques. Unlike the Quincy however, they are not bound by traditions or a physical aversion to Hollows, and thus their powers have much more potential. It is even possible for some High-Specs to gain a limited form of Fullbring.

High-Spec CharactersEdit

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