In the aftermath of the Arrancar Invasion, it became apparent that Humans who were actively involved in spiritual affairs needed more guidance than they were receiving. Seeing the need for organization, Drystan began making plans, before making Clyde a proposition.

Clyde was a perfect figurehead and leader for the scattered Humans, and with help from those he had befriended, it should prove an easy task to organize and train the spiritual aware. Sticking in a group would also give them credibility with the Quincy and Shinigami, and thanks to a Shinigami woman Drystan was able to make contact with the Gotei 13 and negotiate an official alliance. Things now run smoothly in the group, which is kept simple if only for the reason they weren't training an army like the Shinigami and Quincy.

Just as before they are based in the Manga Shop, which has been rebuilt and improved. It now includes a residence for those who have nowhere else to go.


Shishou (Master): Leader, and spiritual adviser of the group.

Advisers: Two members of the group who are particularly close to the Master. They may take on the training of the students in place of the Master if it is deemed necessary.

Shouhane (Flight Feathers): Senior members who decided to maintain a loose association after "graduating". They help to train new initiates, and keep each other informed on spiritual events.

Students: Initiates into the group, who are seeking help with their powers from the Master and other group members. They graduate when the Teacher deems they have the skill or power to defend themselves from spiritual enemies. After graduating they can choose to remain as a Shouhane, to continue helping students, and maintain relationships with other members and the Master.

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